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Training violet leash in nylon. Training

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Is violet nylon leash good for me and my dog?

Yes, if you are looking for a nylon leash that is lightweight, manageable, durable and practical.

The leash is a fundamental tool: in practice, it is the extension of our arm. It’s essential to guide and educate the dog, but also to keep him in case of danger. Not all the leads, however, are the same. A short leash is more suitable for walks in the city. Instead, out of the town, choosing a longer leash means allowing our dog to move more freely. In particular, a training leash is very useful in many stages of pet education, both for puppies and for adult dogs. Useful for walking or doing training activities in total safety, it is used both by the owners and by the dog trainers. Up to 200 cm long, it has 6 different ways of use.

All the DELA leashes are Made in Italy, made by expert craftsmen with the best local materials. The nylon used is particularly durable, as nickel-plated rings and snap-hooks. Dog’s safety is our priority. All the models we propose are designed and tested in collaboration with dog trainers, who use them daily for their activities. Choosing DELA means choosing quality, safety and practicality, with a touch of glamour.


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